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Tips For Success with an Online Dating Service

Many people successfully find love or companionship using an online dating service, but with so many thousands of people all trying to catch each others’ attention, what’s the best way to make sure that your profile gets

A black day for Malaysia and the world

Mourn for MH17. Pray for Gaza.

Cheaper alternative for every American’s perfect road trip experience

Going on vacation, including going into adventurous road trips are considered to be the utmost American experience. For small groups or families, a four-door sedan is enough to plan this dream vacation. However, for a larger group,


Self-portrait of myself, taken during the BERSIH 3.0 protest gathering in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Sila letak jawatan!

The people have spoken. But will he listen?

MENJ does not run pornography websites

There has been this annoying claim among the Islamophobes who hate my guts (basically because I am openly waging an “online war” against their kufr) that I own and run a network of pornography websites, and that

Split down the middle

The Level One ADSL modem adapter after it was struck by lightning several weeks ago. I’ve already replaced the modem with a new one from TP-Link.

Angelic little boy

My son, Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem, in his mother’s lap. He looks calm, almost angelic.
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