A black day for Malaysia and the world

Mourn for MH17. Pray for Gaza.


Self-portrait of myself, taken during the BERSIH 3.0 protest gathering in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Sila letak jawatan!

The people have spoken. But will he listen?

Split down the middle

The Level One ADSL modem adapter after it was struck by lightning several weeks ago. I’ve already replaced the modem with a new one from TP-Link.

Angelic little boy

My son, Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem, in his mother’s lap. He looks calm, almost angelic.

Hospital name-tag

The KPMC (Kajang Plaza Medical Centre) name tag on Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem‘s leg when he was hospitalised recently for “septic spots” skin disease.

Sleeping baby

This is my son, Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem bin Mohd Elfie Nieshaem. He was born on 12.10.2011. Here is a photoshoot of him sleeping in his hospital crib. christopherjohnphotography made a real revolution in the industry. The professional

“What are you looking at, bub?”

My cat Stuart giving me “that look”. He has the body of a bonzer. Couldn’t identify his breed though.
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